FROGTASTIC celebrates “A Decade of Dancing”

As part of its Tenth Anniversary year, The Heroes Project is pleased to announce dates for its ‘Frogtastic-Manchester’ Club Night events for 2016 in association with Comic Relief and Forever Manchester.

The ever popular club night, staged at The Frog and Bucket on Oldham Street, was established in 2006 to serve the learning disabled community and its many friends and supporters.

By way of celebrating “A Decade of Dancing” Frogtastic organisers ‘The Heroes Project’ have significantly reduced the cost of admission during 2016 courtesy of a grant award from Comic Relief. The grant will help support the cost of staging Frogtastic events throughout the year with savings being passed on to attendees through reduced admission costs.

This has been done as a way of thanking existing clubbers for their continued support of what has become one of Manchester’s most unique and pioneering little club nights. Organisers also hope that the kind support of Comic Relief will generate opportunities for more people to experience the social engagement and development opportunities Frogtastic can provide.

Recognising the negative impact and overall effect of austerity on the pockets of those having to balance life on low incomes means the Comic Relief grant will generate opportunities for more people to access and enjoy a Frogtastic club night experience in a cost effective way.

Therefore from 1st January and throughout 2016, the cost of attending Frogtastic Club Night events will reflect Comic Reliefs support of Frogtastic’s 10th Anniversary Year.

Heroes Project Founder & Principal, Terry Snowden MBE said “Frogtastic has maintained a good reputation and remained a popular social engagement hub for many members of Greater Manchester’s learning disabled community for ten years now, which represents a significant achievement!

We know this little club night has become a really important part of some people’s lives and now, with thanks to Comic Relief and the support of Forever Manchester, we have been able to underpin event costs and pass on the benefit to people who traditionally experience social and financial hardship. This is a great way of celebrating what is a significant milestone.”

The Frog & Bucket, Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LJ
in association with Comic Relief & Forever Manchester
More information online at

2016 – Dates & Times
Wednesday 13th January – 7.15pm
Wednesday 2nd March – 7.15pm
Wednesday 27th April – 7.15pm
Wednesday 8th June – 7.15pm
Wednesday 27th July – 7.15pm
Wednesday 7th September – 7.15pm
Wednesday 26th October – 7.15pm
Wednesday 7th December – 7.15pm

Season Ticket                      £30.00 (order by phone to access 9 x Frogtastic events)
Single Ticket Online          £   4.00   (order online plus 25p booking fee)
Advance Ticket                   £   4.50   (order by phone or email)
Collections/Reservations £    5.50   (reserve by phone)
Purchase on the Door       £    8.00   (strictly subject to availability & not guaranteed)

Telephone 07875 142233       Email:

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