Scott James New Collection – “A GENUINE PRODUCT OF AUTISM”

Scott James


On March 23rd, Autistic singing sensation Scott James will release a new download single “A Thousand Years” in support of Autism Awareness Week.
(Week commencing 2nd April 2015).

The new release, taken from his forthcoming collection of indie based cover song’s, is a genuine product of Autism featuring Scott’s brilliant vocal talents recorded and produced by Autistic producer A.J.Valliant!
Meaning “A Thousand Years” and all the tracks on the new album, to be called ‘FIX YOU’ are the result of what is a genuine and uniquely Autistic partnership.

“A Thousand Years” is the first track to be released and is about the fear of falling in love, a romantic cover of the Christina Perry song that gained global recognition as an anthem for the Twighlight films franchise.  The track will be available for download on Amazon & I-Tunes from Midday on Monday 23rd March with more information regarding the release of the entire ‘FIX YOU’ collection to be announced soon.

You can hear a snippet of “A Thousand Years” here:

The new album was recorded at The Melody Maker Studios which form part of The Heroes Project in Manchester. It represents more than just a collection of songs but a true product of Autism having been performed, recorded, mixed and produced by talented people who are equally positive role models for the autistic community.

Heroes Project Founder & Principal Terry Snowden MBE said “Our Autistic Superstars initiative was established with the intention of developing artists and exploring opportunities for autistic talents to work together. Both Scott and A.J. are extremely gifted guys and it has been a pleasure to watch this collection of songs take shape. I am delighted with the finished result and can’t wait for people to hear the tracks for themselves.”

“People with autism think differently and have special interests and different understandings, some people will see this album as simply plugging Autism into Autism, but it’s equally about the promotion of recognition and understanding to help nurture an acceptance those who are often misunderstood for thinking outside the box.”
“ If these songs and the way they were made can help ‘neurotypical’ people to broaden their understanding of autism in a simple and entertaining way, then this collection works on many levels.”

Scott said “It’s been a pleasure to work with A.J and The Heroes Project to create something that has the potential to benefit so many. I hope you enjoy our work”

A.J. Valliant said “It was a pleasure to work with Scott on the production of these songs, I hope people enjoy them.”

Both Scott & A.J will be performing alongside other ‘Autistic Superstars’ when the Autism Show visits event city in Manchester on Saturday 27th June.


Further Information:
The Heroes Project
0161 872 8787

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