A photograph of a group of The Heroes Project Patrons performing on stage, they all have one arm raised into the air while singing into microphones

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enables a person to access a FROGTASTIC Club Night Experience.


would enable a socially excluded person to have a voice on the radio.


provides a 2-hour creative music making experience in a professional studio.

Frogtastic Clubnights

Information about Frogtastic Club Nights

Fancy a really cool night out? – Then welcome to the world of inclusive clubbing at Frogtastic Manchester, one of the UK's most unique and popular social clubs!

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LDOK.net Radio

Information about LDOK.net Radio Station

LDOK.net is an inclusive on-line radio station featuring programmes, shows, presenters & artists with a learning disability plus much more!

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Melody Maker

Information about The Melody Maker Experience

Ever dreamed of recording your own CD? Well your ‘Melody Maker’ Experience starts here! No qualifications or previous experience is required to be a ‘Melody Maker’.

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Autistic Superstars

Information about the Autistic Superstars initiative

Where the unique traits, gifts and wonderful talents of individuals from the spectrum can be explored, encouraged, nurtured and rightfully promoted.

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