Our Impact

The last 18 months has been a time of major change and significant development for The Heroes Project. It has been a period in which we successfully became a charity, moved into premises to develop and open a state of the art 'arts based' activity centre, relocated our administration, launched a national radio station and continued to provide positive development experiences for those who access our activities.

What we have learned on our journey to becoming a charity, is that whilst what we do isn't really earth shattering; the simple fact is that there remains little in the way of opportunity for members of what is effectively the UK's most deprived community. What we do know is that people come from far and wide to access the social experiences and creative development opportunities we are able to provide.

The Heroes Project has never been all about doing things just for the sake of benefitting somebody else, but more about providing the understanding, encouragement and tools required to enable people to help themselves. In taking this approach we recognise that we all have certain skills, talents and assets that when combined can create a formidable and effective resource culminating with an end result of positive change.

Traditional approaches to societal problems tend to take a fund it and fix it approach.
The truth is that there is no 'us' and 'them' mentality here, it's just US and it's all about the things WE can achieve TOGETHER!
In essence, taking this very simple and uncomplicated approach has always been at the very heart of The Heroes Project, driving the organisation and the popularity and ongoing development of its initiatives.

We have a great deal of experience and as a newly registered charity our job is to make sure the resources are in place to maintain provision of the opportunities and experiences we strive to deliver.

Here are just a few highlights from the past 18 months:

  • Relocation of the organisation and opening of a new arts development and activity centre at Salford Quays
  • We presented Frogtastic in the Park – successfully generating an outdoor festival experience
  • We established Heroes Project Records – A record label to support the ongoing promotion and presentation of people wishing to develop as performing artists
  • We released the debut CD Albums from Carly Ryan - 'At Last' & Scott James - 'Spectrum'
  • We presented 15 Club Night events across the North West of England
  • More than 4,000 people attended a Heroes Project related activity
  • Our Melody Maker performers were showcased at 12 events
  • The Frogtastic Manchester club night celebrated seven successful years and welcomed it’s 12,000th visitor
  • 3,400 people attended a Frogtastic club night experience
  • We launched LDOK.net – a uniquely inclusive national radio station with a positive learning disability focus and vibe

Frogtastic Clubnights

Information about Frogtastic Club Nights

Fancy a really cool night out? – Then welcome to the world of inclusive clubbing at Frogtastic Manchester, one of the UK's most unique and popular social clubs!

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LDOK.net Radio

Information about LDOK.net Radio Station

LDOK.net is an inclusive on-line radio station featuring programmes, shows, presenters & artists with a learning disability plus much more!

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Melody Maker

Information about The Melody Maker Experience

Ever dreamed of recording your own CD? Well your ‘Melody Maker’ Experience starts here! No qualifications or previous experience is required to be a ‘Melody Maker’.

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Autistic Superstars

Information about the Autistic Superstars initiative

Where the unique traits, gifts and wonderful talents of individuals from the spectrum can be explored, encouraged, nurtured and rightfully promoted.

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