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LDOK.net is an inclusive online radio station featuring programmes, shows, presenters & artists from the learning disabled community plus much more! It was launched as a unique broadcasting platform for people to get involved and have a voice, to explore their creativity and to showcase their talents and skills! LDOK.net broadcasts from Salford Quays, The home of Media City UK, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year!

A photographic collage showing one person in a recording studio singing into a microphone. The accompanying photograph shows a learning disabled patron of The Heroes Project smiling towards the camera with her carer. The learning disabled community is the most deprived community in the UK.
Its members receive little in the way of opportunity and therefore generally lack experience and confidence. The LDOK.net online radio station provides an important platform for the recognition, support, promotion & development of those with a wide range of differing abilities and combined needs.
Giving people a chance to get actively involved, share views and to positively contribute and have a voice while actively exploring & showcasing their talents and broadcasting skills.

LDOK.net provides a fantastic access point for those wishing to have a go at radio broadcasting alongside encouraging and promoting the wider support and recognition of the UK’s learning disabled community. It also provides an important platform for the support & development of creative talents and arts practitioners towards becoming positive representatives and role models within the wider world!

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would support studio maintenance costs and the provision of equipment such as headphones & microphones.


would enable a socially excluded person to have a voice on the radio.


allows someone to produce and present a 2-hour show of their own.