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The Heroes Project is home to The Autistic Superstars, where the unique gifts and wonderful talents of individuals from the spectrum can be explored, encouraged, nurtured and rightfully promoted.
The Autistic Superstars initiative was launched in recognition of Pervasive Development Disorders such as Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, which can often share the same characteristics of Giftedness yet can equally be confused with Learning Disability.

This is the main reason why our Autistic Superstars have their own identity at The Heroes Project, where unique skills can be nurtured, developed and acknowledged and where talents can be promoted and supported.

The Heroes Project has never been all about doing things just for the sake of benefitting somebody else, but more about providing the understanding, encouragement and tools required to enable people to help themselves.
In taking this approach we recognise that we all have certain skills and unique assets that when combined can create a formidable and effective resource culminating with an end result of positive change!

We are already working alongside some incredible, intelligent and talented people who often find themselves isolated in a world that doesn’t quite understand them.

The Autistic Superstars are a great example of recognising skills and supporting the need for positive change, people like Nathan Foy, whose expert understanding of weather phenomenon is becoming more recognised and increasingly called upon by the media.
Or the multi-talented A.J Valliant, whose remarkable musical knowledge and production skills are enhanced by his attention to detail (one of the tell tale traits of autism).

Indeed, you may have seen some of our singers and performers on national television. For example Carly Ryan and Martin Finn who were both working closely with The Heroes Project long before the cameras started rolling on the celebrated BBC Television documentary series 'Autistic Superstars', while millions witnessed the brilliant vocal talents of Scott James when he auditioned for X-Factor before coming to The Heroes Project to record his debut CD "Spectrum.

The Autistic Superstar may not be prodigies, but they all have remarkable skills, talents and abilities that deserve to be celebrated.

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